About these frameworks

We have a range of frameworks in our construction, extension and refurbishment category, covering traditional and modern methods of construction, in addition to building consultancy services. There are specific frameworks for the construction of homes and for non-housing, including schools and community buildings.

Provided by: 

Roofing, windows and doors

Pitched Roofing (PR3)
Flat Roofing (FR2)
Communal Entrance Doorsets (CED1)
Windows & Doors – Aluminium (A7)
Windows & Doors – PVC-U (U10)
Windows & Doors – Timber (T4)

Property protection & maintenance

Vacant Property Protection & Associated Services (V7)

Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency Measures and Associated Works (N8)


Offsite Project Integrator (OPI1)
House Building – Consultancy (H1 Worksteam 1)
Energy Efficiency Consultancy Services (N8C)


Water Treatment Services
Asbestos Management Services
Fire Safety
Heating Systems

Provided by:

Professional services

Bespoke Procurement
Commercial Insurance
Information Technology (IT) Services
Electronic Payment Services
Tenant Contents Insurance

Health/assisted living

Adaptations and Fixed Lifting Equipment
Passenger Lifts Stairlifts & Lifting Equipment
Technology Enabled Care Services
Furniture Services
Property Safety and Security

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